Monday 14 August 2006

Cherry Clafoutis

Saw this very interesting cherries recipe from Obachan's Kitchen. Since cherries are in season now, I decided to get some and try out this recipe. In the original recipe, they called for 1kg of cherries, but I only used about 500g and I already think that it's a lot.

As like what she had mention, she soaked her pitted cherries in Sherry. But for my case, I soaked them in Grand Mariner(orange liqueur) to make enhance the cherries favour in a better way.

Overall, this cake is very moist and soft. It had a slightly light almond scent fragrant because of the added almond essence. But for those who is not an almond fan, then I think you should omit it or else you won't like the scent of the cake.

In the recipe itself, it said used 1 cup of milk for the flour batter, but I only used about 1/2 cup because I found that my flour batter is already quite watery. So if you do want to try out this recipe, please add in the milk slowly and stir until an pouring cake batter consistency. Posted by Picasa


  1. wow, u r making so many yummy and "high standard" desserts nowadays :p this one looks good! but i don't wanna spend money on liqueur lor. how much does grand marnier cost? do u hv all sorts of wine at home? i saw this cake in donna hay's book oso. but its peach clafouti. i think cherry one looks better.

  2. Aiyo..Evan,

    No la, where got high standard dessert... i just made becos they are colourful and less ingredients.... Em.. as for the liqueur is optional to add, but i do had a collections of those miniture liqueur at home. It cost about $7 per bottle can used 3 - 4 times ba, depend on how you add.

  3. miniature liqueur, sounds like a good idea :p thats what i hv for perfume oso. always cannot finish using the big bottles, so i buy miniature ones. any idea where to get the mini liqueur?

  4. Em.. i am not sure leh.. but i get some of mine from the Isetan at Shaw Centre. U can click on the Grand Mariner link on the post itself to see those collection that i had... :)

  5. Very nicely done clafoutis, Ellena. Would be great to have a slice for dessert ;p

  6. Thanks Angie and Puspha for your comments. Angie, u are welcome to have a slice.. i still got some left in the fridge.... :)

  7. Hi Ellena mummy

    Merry Christmas!!
    I was searching for Cherry cake recipe and saw your Cherry Clafoutis which I'm really interested to try. Can you share the recipe? Thanks!!


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