Tuesday 29 August 2006

Corn Muffins

Corn Muffins!!! Yup.... This corn muffin include cornmeal and frozen fresh corns... so it's really CORN CRAZY!!!! For those who love Kenny Rogers's corn muffins.... You are indeed luck.... One of my blog friend Evan had share with us her recipe on Corn Muffins(click link for more details & recipe) which she did a searched over the net.

Cornmeal is a grain that is also known as maize meal and is much coarser than polenta. It can be reconstituted with water to make porridge. Available at most health food stores.

For us the sweetness of this muffin is just nice, not really that sweet and we love the texture of the cornmeal. It's very crunchy just like you are eating sugar in the muffins. If you wish to give this a try, then you can click on the above link on Evans blog or you could take a new at another new recipe that I try herePosted by Picasa


  1. oh my, your muffin looks really really good lena!! look at the cross section, they're full of corns, unlike mine. the reason why i didnt take a photo of the cross section is becoz the corns were so not visible :( how much did u put? i put 3/4 cup but its too little. well done lady!

    btw, where did u buy those beautiful muffin cups? i didnt know those pull-apart ones come with patterns. i wanna buy!! got other pattern or not? u definitely did not get from phoon huat rite? they don't sell this type...

    anyway i was really happy to receive yr sms telling me u love the muffins =)

  2. oh forgot to ask, u used coarse corn meal? i used the fine type which is almost like flour, except when u run yr fingers over them u can feel the little bits. i got mine from phoon huat. is the coarse type better? mayb i shd give it a try :p

  3. Ellena,

    Such nice muffins, so full of corns.

    I've tagged you for a Meme, hope you have time to give it a go :)

  4. Thanks Evan,

    These all credit to your recipe and advice.... I put 1 cup of corn instead of 3/4 cup. Emmm i still think is abit too little... lolz....

    Those mini muffin cups i got from one of the shop from Jurong that sells those disposal plates, cup and container. They come in different sizes...from mini, med to large. The mini 1 cost $1.50 for 20 cups. Em.. got a few design too.. i ask alot of shops at our area here they also don't sell this type of muffins cup.

    Yup.. the corn meal that i used is not from phoon huat. Indeed i bought two type.. this one is more coarse type and u can enjoy those crunch when u eating the muffins.. :)

  5. Hi Angie,

    Thanks for your comments and also tagging me for the MEME.... :)

  6. yup, i will buy the coarse cornmeal to try nx time. i used the fine ones, probably tasted like cake. not substantial enough.

    as for the muffin cups, u said u got it in jurong. which part? jurong east?

  7. Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me whether I can use the those soft margarine for the bread spread one instead of the one displayed at the baking session? What are the differences? I am quite new to baking...

  8. Hi Mao, I am kind of confuse on your msg. Is it you mean can u replace the butter spread margarine with Butter? Is it what u meant by this? :)

  9. Hi Ellena,

    Yes, using soft margarine spread to replace the margarine in your corn recipe?

  10. Hi Mao,
    Ya...you can use that. But then mb the flavour and taste might not be as strong and good as butter itselt. :) But you still can try using that... it's ok :) HTH

  11. Hi Elenna,

    thanks for the clarification :)
    btw, where can i buy the corn meal beside phoon huat? I can't seem to find it in supermarket...

  12. Hi Mao,
    Em.. i guess most of the supermarket don't have. I got mine from the supermarket at City Hall MRT. Or u can look for "polenta" which is another name for corn meal.

  13. Hi Ellena,
    I chanced upon your blog when I reached for corn muffins recipe. I managed to get corn meal from Market place in Raffles City. However, I'm not very sure how to convert the weight of all ingredients from cups to grams/ml, would you pls share with me the weight of the ingredients in grams/ml ?


  14. Hi Ellena,

    I found your blog too late and that recipe was removed. I'm wondering if you still have the recipe to share with me?


    1. Hi Vanilla, you can get the new link of the recipe @ http://ellenaguan.blogspot.sg/2013/05/wordless-wednesday-corn-bread-muffins.html HTH :)

  15. Very moist and not too sweet. Thanks for the simple and easy recipe.


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