Wednesday 30 August 2006

Meme - 5 Things To Eat Before You Die

I had being tag by one of my blog pal, Angie( who I consider to be a bread making expert who loves to explore and bake different kinds of bread). This Meme is rather interesting, as you see you can only choose to eat 5 things before you die so it's rather hard to sacrifice one another. But after struggler here and there, I managed to make up my mind on these:

1. Teochew Yam Paste With Gingko Nut
This is one of my favourite childhood dessert during Chinese New Year or Special Occasion. My late dad used to cook this for reunion dinner dessert and I really love it very much. Since now that he is not around I really miss his style of Yam Paste very much.

2. D24 Durian
Yup! It's Durian again... I guess most of the singaporean like me loves to eat durian. Especially those good grade durian which you just need a few seeds to stop your cravings. I love those with yellow flesh type...and it's really yummy to eat with steam white rice too....

3. Chicken Rice
This is one of the favourite rice for both me and my son. We will eat it at least once or twice a week. I really loves the fragrant of the rice, I know one friend who eats chicken rice for at least 3 to 4 times a week.

4. Satay
I love this Malay BBQ dish which come with a special peanut dipping sauce that will make you wanted to have more and more serving. We love the mutton satay from Satay Club which is tender and juicy.

5. Japanese Tempura Set
I love Japanese cuisine and my most favourite dish is this crispy deep-fry prawns and mixed vegetable with either rice or noodle.

Ok.. Now I shall pass the line to Suyin(The journey of a girl who loves to cook), Jingle and Lilian.


  1. hey why nvr pass to me? hehe juz kidding!

    oh i love 'or nee' too!!! in fact, i could nvr find the real good ones anymore (since i don't go to restaurants). the ones at food court simply suck. btw, do u hv a recipe for making 'or nee'? i was hoping u hv :p

  2. Aiyo... Evan,

    Is not that i don't want to tag u.. cos actually u are the 1st to come in my mind but then i saw u had already being Tag by "Gattina" le :(

    Yup.. i agreed with you those Or Nee in the foodcourt one... can't fight with those in restaurant.... yup.. i got recipe for making Or Nee... u want huh? lolz....

  3. Ellena,

    You chose my favourite durian too! We all love durians don't we? ;p

  4. Tks for tagging me but how to do it, just write it in my blog? Heehee, I'm new!!!

  5. haha i was only kidding my dear :p

    ya i waaaaaaaaan!!!!! can i pls hv the recipe for orr nee? thx! but then again, it depends if its too much work or not coz complicated recipes which is time consuming put me off alot. but i still want it, juz as a reference lor. moreover the best person to ask is u since yr dad makes good one =)

  6. Yup.. Angie, I love durian...all kinds of durian... :)

    Lilian... just use roughly the same format as what i do and create a new post in your blog using the same title that's all... Enjoy think... :)

  7. Ok.. Evan,

    I go think and write down the recipe then i email u ok... :) Em... it's actually not time consuming la.. just need to peel, cut and steam the yam.. then mashed then cook loh... lolz.

  8. haha. ok lena, so i wait for yr email :p


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