Sunday 27 August 2006

Kong Ba Bao/Kou Rou Bao(扣肉包)

Kou Rou Bao(扣肉包) or Kong Bao Bao... that's what we usually called this Chinese snacks. I love this especially the stew pork belly which is so soft, tender and juicy when you bite it off from the bun. I had also tried a similar stew pork belly dish in the previous post on Dong Po Rou. But this taste and methods are abit different from this.

This stew Kong Ba is towards the dried type of meat where you don't really add water to stew but rather pan-fry it on very very low heat and simmer on it's very own natural juice from the meat. I got to learn this method from one of the mummy from my son's playgroup.

1 Piece Of Pork Belly(三层肉 ), about 200g
1 Small Cinnamon Stick(桂皮 ), about 5cm long
1 Star Anise,八角
6-8 Cloves,丁香
4 Cloves Garlics,蒜头
4 Shallots,小葱头
1 Small Pieces Rock Sugar(冰糖), 10g
1 Tablespoon Oyster Sauce
1 Tablespoon Light Soy Sauce
1 Tablespoon Dark Soy Sauce
1/2 Tablespoon Cooking Wine

1. Wash, clean and trim the pork belly then marinate it with the seasoning, cinnamon stick, star anise, cloves, garlic and shallot for at least 2 hours or overnight.
2. Preheat a small claypot with some 1 tablespoon of oil and saute 3 cloves of garlic and rock sugar to fragrant then add in pork belly and the marinade juice and saute on medium heat for 1 minute then turn it over.
3. Add in 1 - 2 tablespoons of water and let it simmer on very low heat for 30 - 45 minutes, check occasionally to see with if the sauce dried out before the meat is tender, add in extra tablespoons of water and continue to simmer.
4. When done, dish up and cut into serving size and serve together with steam plain bun and lettuce.Posted by Picasa


  1. OMG, another mouthwatering favourite, pork pork pork. Why didn't you purchased a house near Tampines??? lol

  2. looks yum! you're just such an expert, know how to make every kind of dish. but actually i don't like it dried. if i wanna stew it to the soft consistency, how shd i do that? maybe follow yr recipe on the stewed pork? wonder if it'll be similar...

    by the way, i hope u get my msg on my move to blogspot. pls update yr link accordingly. thx =)

  3. Lilian,
    Can Can.. my mother-in-law live near your area leh.. next time i go there i bring some for you...lolz....

    Evan... no la... i am no expert in making things.. i just like to explor with those food that i like and hard to find in our area. As for this dish, if you want it to be having some gravy then u just add more of seasoning, like double then add water.. around 200ml.. then u shld be able to get some sauce out of it.. this recipe is better compare to the previous 1.. cos the previous 1 is sort of towards the sweeter taste de...

    Thanks for informing me... i already update the link to your blog leh... u are so capable fast can transfer all the information from one blog site to another.. how u do huh?

  4. lena thx for yr suggestion. actually i was thinking is it possible i use my slow cooker to stew the pork? mayb it would b better. can i follow yr recipe, add more water to stew the pork instead? sorry ah, bother u wif so many qns. coz i find that slow cooker's result is quite good for stewing =)

    my blog huh...actually this time, the transfer of all the HTML codes are quite smooth lor. previously i got try b4, seems like i keep having alot of errors. but this time i managed to solve all my HTML probs. actually blogspot is abit not user friendly coz all the HTML are crammed together. blogdrive was easy to use, juz too bad keep having server prob. i wasnt able to access on & of for 48 hrs liao. of coz blogspot got some prob too occasionally, but ok lah, at least better den blogdrive.

  5. Em.. Evan, I don't know whether can works well in the slow cooker cos i had nv done it b4.. but i do heard people saying that they made kaya, braised chicken and pork in a slow cooker.. maybe u wan to experiement with it and try... :)

  6. Ok, ok, let me know when you coming to Tampines, so I can hv an African Voilet leaf ready for you (let me know during the weekday so I can bring it back fm my office).

  7. hi ellena, firstly, thank you for posting all those recipes on your blog - VERY generous of you & useful for people like me "who do not cook but would like to try". could you advise me about this fatty pork dish - what kind of pork can i use if i do not want the fats? the sight of the fats put me off but i love the gravy which i dip the buns in. thank you.

  8. Hi, thanks for visiting this blog and showing interests in this dish. Em.. i guess most of the people don't like Fatty meat. Actualy i don't realli like as well, but to make an gd gravy for this dish, you actually need this fatty pork loh.... :)

    But if u really don't like that maybe u can replace it it semi-lean and fatty part of pork fillet. Or u can trim away the top layer of the Fatty Pork skin and fat. Or worst, u can replace it with chicken pieces....:)

  9. wahaha sister, i didnt know i left a comment in this entry b4, cant even rem. this shows that i was interested in this recipe long time ago :p and ya once again, i do indeed like mine 2 hv more gravy so i'll do like what u said, add more seasoning + water. coz i think i wanna put hard boiled egg, tau kwa & tau pok inside :p btw i notice this recipe uses 1 star anise only. enough ah? tot of putting more leh haha *kiasu*

  10., u still awake at 3am in the morning.... :p

    This is indeed a nice dish to eat with that steam bun.. you shld give it a try one of these days. Yup, since the portion on the meat used is not much, i only used 1 star anise, but if you like a more stronger flavour or etc... you can put about 2 to 2.5 pieces :)

  11. Wondering if you have the recipe for the pau used.
    Can't seem to find it in asian groceries.
    Thanks Ellena!


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