Saturday 2 January 2010

Pinnacle @ Duxton

Finally the long waiting months are over, the Pinnacle @ Duxton along Cantonment Road is now ready for keys collection for majority of the residents. The Pinnacle, consists of seven connected towers labelled 1A to 1G and each tower is 50 storeys in height. And guess what, the unit that we are going to view today is located at level 45.............

Here are some views which we can see from the inside of the apartment. Staying in the city area, especially near the CBD area is totally different from what we used to have. I guess the most happiest of all is my brother who has waited for the completion of this flat for more than 5 years...... :)

All seven buildings are linked at the 26th and 50th floors by Sky Bridges forming a jogging track and sky garden which is a feature that is unique for public housing in Singapore. These are some of the views at level 50 of the sky bridge. Residents will have the access card to the sky bridges area while public need to pay an admission fees in order to access these viewing area.

Other facilities include a food centre, daycare centre, underground carpark and other sports and recreational facilities in the upcoming months. These are some photo(s) of the underground carpark which is still under some mini construction.

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