Tuesday 5 January 2010

Birthday Treat @ Sakae Sushi Part I

January is a double Birthday month for our family and today my little darling is going to be 6 years old in 2010. This year, we didn't have any celebration/family gathering like what we to have in the past years. As Rey is a year older now, he actually proposed not to have any celebration party, he said he just wants us to bring him to have his favourite Sakae sushi and Swensen's ice-cream.......

So with his request, we actually bought him for a Sakae lunch after his school today and guess what we have for our lunch...........

As usual, Rey started to attack at his favourite "Tamago Sushi" while the rest of us also aiming for our "favourites" from the menu screen or the conveyor belt. First plate that Aunty Lily took from the conveyor belt this, Cheezy Crab Maki(which consists of soft shell crab). It has a layer of grill cheese covering the rice and the filling. The taste was rather special as you can taste something like smoke cheese taste.

While looking at the Menu, I have some craving of their Lobster salad which is a cold side dish. The texture of the Lobster meat is tender and juice and it's really quite a refreshing dish to start off the meal. If you are a Lobster fan, you might want to read more on their Lobster Set Meal from my older post. (click HERE)

"Saba Shioyaki" or grilled Mackerel is one of my mum's frequently ordered items on the list, she will often choose between this and fried Salmon Kamaage or either the one that is available. This fish will taste a bit of that "Fishy" smell so you need to squeeze some lemon juice on it before consume and sometime, there are also some bones which you might need to be extra careful when feeding the kids.

Other than the above, we also have "Fried Doufu", "Renkon Chip", "Salmon Nigiri", "Chawanmushi" and etc. While chit chatting, we were all curious about this soup which they called it "Dobinmushi" which is served in a tea-pot together with a wedge of lime/lemon. First you need to squeeze the lime into the soup and use the cup to drink the soup. Usually the ingredients, being the main focus of this dish, are generally consumed prior to drinking the soup. Posted by Picasa

Overall, we have a very hearty and wonderful lunch at Sakae Sushi and most important is our little Birthday Boy is delighted with his birthday treat. So stay-tune for Part II of this month Sakae Birthday Treat!

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