Sunday 24 January 2010

Birthday Treat @ Sakae Sushi Part III

This is our 3rd visit to Sakae sushi in the month of January. As we are all busy with work and etc during the weekday where my Birthday falls on, we decided to make it up for a weekend dinner instead. While flipping through the menu, we are struggling on whether to settle for Teppanyaki or Ala Carte Menu. And after some voting, we decide to get one item each from our favourite section.

First, we have a plate of this Bamboo Clam from the Teppanyaki Menu which cost about S$8.99. The bamboo clam is fresh, springy and nicely infused with garlic bits that enhance the overall flavour of this dish. I recommend to eat this dish with steam rice so that you can enjoy the yummy gravy with it.

It has being long time since my last tried on this "Agedashi Tofu" from the menu. I remember I used to love this dish a few years back and I even tried a few recipes on making this dish at home. I love the tofu which has a crispy outer layer, when bite the center is so soft and silky. This tofu goes well with it's special Tentsuyu broth which is make with Dashi, Mirin and Soy Sauce.

Tempura Ramen is something new to us today compare to the usual Tempura Udon or Ten Don(天丼) that we usually ordered from the menu. So far I notice that most of the Ramen in Sakae came in a very "HUGE" serving bowl which will give you a fright on the content in it. From the photo, you can see that the Ramen is served in some cloudy white colored broth, with soft-boiled egg, kamaboko, spinach and etc. And it is also served with a pair of deep-fried tempura prawns. We don't really like the taste of the Ramen broth which we find it rather salty.

We love Unagi, especially the Unagi Don, but today we would like to try something new so we pick up this "Unagi Tamago Toji" from the Hotplate section. Imagine, combining the yummy Unagi with Tamago Toji(eggdrop soup) on the Hotplate and served piping hot together with a bowl of steam rice. Wow.. isn't that great for a hearty meal where you can enjoy fish, egg, vegetables and mushroom all in one.

I used to love this deep-fried sushi which is coated with a layer of batter which makes it taste crispy and fragrant. Fried Maki is one of the colour plate item found under the Side Order Menu. I have not tasted this for about a year or so and today we find that it is rather not the same taste as what we used to have before. Maybe is the ingredients or somehow rather something is different from the past. Posted by Picasa

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