Friday 8 January 2010

Steam Osmanthus Cod Fish

In about a month's time, there will be two great occasions that falls on the same day of 14th February 2010. And I am sure most of us is aware of this Special day which marks the 1st day of the Chinese New Year as well as the Western Valentine's Day. So on this day, most or maybe all the restaurants will be fully packed with people celebrating this double occasions. In this case, why not try to whip up something special for your family or love one at the comfort of your home.

Since it is near towards the Chinese New Year season, I am sure whatever you have or going to prepare, you would want to give it some auspicious name. Today, we are going to prepare this "Osmanthus Cod Fish" with a translated name of "桂花蒸鳕鱼" which sounds like prosperous fish/become more prosperous every day(蒸蒸日上). For readers who has being following my post, you will have read about this Osmanthus flower which I have used it quite a number of time in making dessert or herbal drinks.

Ingredients: (serves 2)
1 Large Cod Cutlet
1/2 Tablespoon of Osmanthus Flower
1 Teaspoon of Wolfberries
3 Red Dates, halves
Some Broccoli Florets, blanched
1/2 Tablespoon Mirin/Glutinous Rice Rice, optional

1. Clean and pat dry the fish, lightly marinate it with some light soy sauce and corn flour.
2. Next arrange the fish cutlet on a plate together with the red date, wolfberries and 1/2 of the Osmanthus Flower.
3. Prepare a steaming pot with metal rack, when the water boils, put the plate of fish on the rack and steam on medium high heat for about 5 minutes.
4. Remove the pot cover, drizzle mirin/glutinous rice wine on it, scatter the remaining Osmanthus Flower and continue to steam for another 2 to 3 minutes till the fish is cooked through.
5. Remove and serve with warm rice.

~ You can choose any type of fish fillet/cutlet that is suitable for steaming or to your liking.
~ The timing for steaming the fish will depend on the thickness, you can test it after 5 minutes of steaming time, using a chopstick/fork to test the center of the meat.

Osmanthus is a highly perfumed flower, and it is well known that you can smell it nine miles away! It is a deliciously fragrant flowers which carry the scent of ripe peaches or apricots. Other than its refreshing fragrant, in the Chinese Medical terms, it is also used to reduce phlegm if you have a bad cough. Posted by Picasa


  1. Very special. I didn't know you can use osmanthus flowers in savoury dishes. I miss steamed fish. Really gotta make some and all your steamed fish recipes look so healthy and delicious! Hmmmm....which one should I start with? *pick *pick *pick

  2. Interesting combination and beautiful presentation! I haven't used osmanthus flowers in my cooking before. Must give it a try. ;)

  3. I will try to make it for my family. We like fish and another sea food.

  4. Must be smelling good cos of the 桂花!

  5. HI Ellena,

    This dish looks really interesting! Will try it soon! May i ask where did you buy your cod fish normally? I bought 2 pcs of cod fillets 1 week ago at the wet market located at my place & only find out the fish was smelly when i get home. But the fish looks really nice & white. That's why I bought them. My hubby said may be they put some chemical to make it white..can it be? Haaiii...I end up throw them away. Feel really heart pain because it's such an expensive fish...bought mine for $35/kg.

    Best Regards!

  6. Wow ... great cooking again! I wonder whether we have the osmanthus here? Maybe have to get it from Chinese Herbal store.

  7. Yo Quinn, come come start your pick and get ready for the coming CNY and Vday :p

    Thanks for your compliment, "Food For Tots", I still have a long long way to pick up those presentation skill.... :) Indeed Osmanthus flowers are very speical and fragrant in a way that they came be use to whip up a lot of wonderful dish.

    Hi Destiny, thanks for popping by. I usually bought my cod fish fillet from the wet market too. It is important that when you get the fish, it must be still frozen and not thawed half through or so. Don't worry about the colour, it is actually very white indeed.

    Em..... as far as i know, Cod fish do have a very strong "Fishy" smell. As long as the meat is not mashy type or the colour is not duly or brownish, it should be consider fresh in a sense. HTH :)

    Hey Lia Chen, I think you should be able to get it from the Chinese Herbal store. I heard my friend who stay in your country bought it before.

  8. wow what an interesting recipe using flowers. and it's very pretty too. "花开富贵" very auspicious for CNY indeed! :)


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