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[May $20 Budget Meal] Round-Up!

Thanks everyone for supporting the May Tofu - $20 Budget Meal event with a readers voted theme on using Tofu in one of the prepared dish. Thanks everyone whom take the effort to note down the pricing of each ingredients and total spending of the dishes to support this event. Here we have a total of 11 fabulous Tofu dishes for the "2 Dishes 1 Soup" menu created by a group of wonderful blogger and facebook friends from different countries such as USA, Australia and Singapore.

Here are all the entries for the [May Tofu - $20 Budget Meal], listed in the order of the date submitted.

Seaweed Soup (紫菜蕃茄蛋花汤), Steamed Cod Fish and Tofu with Black Bean Sauce (雪鱼豆腐蒸黑豆鼓酱) and Stir-Fry Prawns with Pea Sprouts (虾仁豆苗)

by Wai Fong of Fong's Kitchen Journal (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$15.00; Serves 3-4

Bee Hoon Soup (豆包米粉汤),Kailan with Garlic Sauce (蒜香芥兰)

by Wai Fong of Fong's Kitchen Journal (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$11.00; Serves 3

Tom Yam Cream Soup (one dish meal)

by Ching of Little Corner of Mine (United State)
Total Spending: USD 8.00 (S$10.00); Serves 4

Winter Melon Soup, Steamed Silken Tofu with Salmon And Sweetcorn Plus Steamed Beef Steak with Onion

by Ellena of Cuisine Paradise (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$18.60; Serves 4

A one-dish veggie somen noodle plus steamed savory tofu pudding

by Tigerfish of An Escape to Food (Sunnyvale, California - United States)
Total Spending: USD 6.00 (S$7.50) ; Serves 4

Cream of Broccoli Soup with Garlic Toast, Grilled Tofu with Salsa, Twice-Baked Potato

by Wai Fong of Fong's Kitchen Journal (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$10.00; Serves 3

Deep Fried Stuffed Tofu + Stir Fry Salted Vegetables With Tofu + Steamed Fish With Tomato

by Alice of I Love. I Cook. I Bake. (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$13.70; Serves 4

Lotus Pork Ribs Soup, Japanese Tofu with Spicy Pork and Egg and Stir-fry Bol Choy

by Daphne of More Than Words (Australia)
Total Spending: AU$10.60; Serves 4 - 5

Steamed Stuffed Tofu, Scrambled Eggs With Sausages, Stir Fry Enoki Mushroom With Greens

by Alice of I Love. I Cook. I Bake. (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$12.60; Serves 4

Steamed Tofu with Minced Pork Topping, Stir Fry Capsicum with Shitake Mushroom and
Seah's Black Chicken Herbal Soup

by Wendy of Wen's Delight (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$14.55; Serves 4

Entry From Joyce aka @ahpoohbear

Steamed Tofu With Corn Kernels And Mushrooms, Broccoli With Mushrooms And Watercress Soup

by Joyce of @ahpoohbear (Singapore)
Total Spending: S$11.40 ; Serves 2 - 3

Here I am again, taking part in the $20 budge meal. The theme for this month is “Tofu”. Yes, I LOVE tofu! I love anything to do with tofu – tofu soup, steamed tofu, fried tofu and my favorite zhi char dish hotplate tofu! But too bad, I don’t know how to cook it. Never mind, I shall always comfort myself with other tofu dishes. Here’s my contribution for this month:

Steamed Tofu With Corn Kernels And Mushrooms

One box of silken tofu
Sweet corn kernels (frozen or fresh)
Mushrooms (I used bottled mushrooms)
Two tablespoons of oyster sauce
Five tablespoons of water Mix together A bit of cornflour
Fried silverfish for garish and crunch

1. Steam the tofu in a pot of hot water for about 8 minutes or you can just microwave it to make it hot.

2. In a wok, fry the corn kernels with little oil.

3. Add in the mushrooms and oyster sauce.

4. Pour the cornflour mixture into the wok to thicken the sauce.

5. Pour the sauce over the tofu.

Total cost for this dish is about S$4.90 with breakdown shown below:-
Cost of Ingredients:
~ Silken Tofu = S$1.90
~ Sweetcorn = S$1.30
~ Bottled Mushroom = S$1.70

Broccoli With Mushrooms

One Broccoli
4 Pieces of fresh White Button Mushrooms
Two Tablespoons of Oyster Sauce
Chopped Garlic

1. In a small saucepan, boil the broccoli till cooked. Place the cooked broccoli onto the plate.

2. In a wok, fry the chopped garlic till fragrant.

3. Add in the mushrooms and fry till almost cooked.

4. Add in the oyster sauce and water. Stir fry a while more to mix it well with the mushrooms.

5. Dish it up and put together with the cooked broccoli.

Total cost for this dish is about S$2.70 with breakdown shown below:-
Cost of Ingredients:
~ Broccoli = S$1.20
~ White Button Mushrooms = S$1.50

Watercress Soup

One bunch of Watercress
2 - 3 pieces of Pork Ribs
1 Teaspoon of Guo Qi Zi
2 - 3 pieces of Honey Dates

1. Cut the stalk off from the watercress and soak the leaves for about 5 minutes by changing 2 to 3 times of the water. This is to rinse away all the dirt.

2. Rinse the stalk thoroughly and set aside for later use.

3. Prepare a pot to blanch the pork bones, then rinse with running water.

4. Bring a pot of water to boil, add in the pork bones and all other ingredients, including the stalk but exclude leaves.

5. When boiled, turn to lower heat and simmer for about 20 minutes. Add in the leaves and continue to simmer for another 10 to 15 minutes. Add salt to taste.

Total cost for this dish is about S$3.80 with breakdown shown below:-
Cost of Ingredients:
~ Watercress = S$0.80
~ Pork Ribs = S$2.00
~ Wolfberries and honey dates = S$1.00

Once again, thanks everyone for taking your time to come out with these wonderful budget meals ideas and price breakdown. Do stay tune for our June Theme together with our very New Budget Meal Logo shown below.


  1. Fabulous, we have all sort of ways to enjoy the tofu!  Thanks for the roundup. :)

  2. Parsley Sage30/5/11 2:00 am

    Awesome roundup!  Some really delicious dishes here :)

  3. Awww everyone's dishes look so awesome!  I wish I could submit mine on time.  Well, I just aim for the next one. :-)

  4. beautiful! I can see some ideas for our meals again. Thanks for hosting and round up!

  5. Yep! I am inspired to try some of the dishes I see here too!

  6. hi Ellena, thks for hosting the event
    all dishes look so delicious :)
    thks again :P

  7. Thanks everyone of you for the participation :) Thanks a lot. Although this might be a small event or round up but I really appreciate all your efforts and time. Hope to see yr June entry too :)


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