Friday 27 May 2011

Stir-fried Stingray With Fermented Black Bean And Chinese Celery

For most of us when we talk about "Stingray", the first picture that comes into our mind will be the popular BBQ stingray which is char-grilled and top with that delicious sambal chilli that makes you drool. Or the stir-fried chili with black bean sauce method that is found in most Mixed Vegetable Rice Stalls(Chap Chye Png - 杂菜饭). Even though stingray can be consider as one of the cheapest fish in the market but some people still hesitate to buy it due to it's rather "fishy" smell even after cooking.

Here the fishmonger recommended me a "white-coloured" skin stingray which he said it more tasty and less “fishy” smell. So since we have not eaten this dish for a very long time, I decided to get some and follow mum's preparation steps for this recipe.

Ingredients: (serves 2 - 3)
350g Stingray Fillet, cut into chunks
1 Teaspoon of Fermented Black Bean (黑豆豆豉), rinse and roughly mashed
1.5 Tablespoon Cooking Oil
3 - 4 Garlic Cloves, minced
2 Chili, sliced
2 Shallots, sliced
100ml Water
A few Stalks of Chinese Celery (中国芹菜)

1/2 Tablespoon Cooking Wine
1/2 Teaspoon Sugar
Dash of Pepper

1. Rinse and using kitchen paper towel to dry the stingray chunks before marinate it with 1/2 tablespoon of cornflour, dash of pepper and sesame oil, 1 teaspoon of light soy sauce and cooking wine for at least about 10 - 20 minutes prior cooking.

2. Next rinse and cut Chinese celery into 3 sections, divide the leaves and stems portions then set aside.

3. Heat up frying pan with 1.5 tablespoon cooking oil, saute minced garlic, shallot, chili and fermented black bean till slightly brown and fragrant.

4. Toss in the marinated stingray chunks and fried over medium heat on both side for about 2 minute till  almost light golden brown before adding in water.

5. When the mixture comes to boil, stir in the stem portions of the Chinese celery and allow the mixture to simmer for a few minutes till the sauce almost thicken.

6. Lastly toss in the remaining celery leaves, give it a quick stir and finished it with a touch of cooking wine and pepper. Remove and serve.

Due to the "fishy" smell this dish is best to be eaten Hot together with some Chinese Celery where its refreshing taste will cover up the fishy smell leaving you with a sweet and spicy taste. Furthermore this dish can also be an addicting dish due to it's spicy taste from the chili and hint of traditional flavour from the fermented black bean and etc that makes you go for second bowl of rice to accompany it.


  1. bossacafez27/5/11 1:50 pm

    oh that looks fab! i've not tried this before, what i usually make is the shark one with black bean & salted veggies. my hubby doesn't like stingray coz he said its tougher than shark, is it true? 

  2. Yup... usually this stingray has as fishy smell and the meat is rather a bit tougher than shark(if overcooked the stingray) but if you are lucky you can also get certain spiece/portion of the meat that is tender and nice too. Wow! I am surprised you do cook these type of Asian dishes at home too :) Look to see you featuring them in your blog one of these day :) I am sure it will look even more better and delicious than this.

  3. bossacafez27/5/11 3:01 pm

    thx for the tip! so which part of stingray is usually good? i trust yr expert opinion and i've got lots to learn :) haha don't be surprised, i cook chinese food alot albeit simple ones but i don't usually blog coz i don't like taking pics at nite, plus the stuff i cook are usually boring. i mean, how to style tomato omelette and sesame ginger chicken nicely? difficult ma LOL

  4. I never buy or cook stingray before. I've eaten it before from the restaurant and they usually grilled it. Look really good.

  5. No la.. I am not expert in cooking yet. I am still learning from others too. But from what the fish uncle told me he the side portion is more tender. Or if not sure can always ask the fish uncle to choose from you :) You bought most of your ingredients in CP wet market too? I always buy the fish from the stall facing the fruitstalls :)

  6. Yup! Usually stingray is grilled or  bbq together with sambal chili. But this stir-fry method is more home style type :)

  7. Ohhh how nice it looks, and i`m sure it is delicious. For sure i will give it a tray very soon, thanks a lot for sharing with us this nice recipe.

  8. Ellena, I would love this dish and I'll eat 2 bowls of rice for sure!  Your photography skill is amazing to capture brown object so beautifully!  I have hard time capturing brown object.  I can't definitely take a beautiful picture like this!


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