Sunday 1 May 2011

[May $20 Budget Meal] Specific Key Ingredient - "Tofu/Beancurd"

Here is the polling result voted by some of the readers over at Cuisine Paradise facebook page (HERE). From the photo you can see that Tofu has "14 votes" which is the highest among the rest of the mentioned ingredients. In the case, for May [$20 Budget Meal], we will use "Tofu" as the specific ingredient for one of the dish in the budget menu (eg: steam tofu, fried tofu, braised tofu and etc).


~ Prepare either "2 Dishes plus 1 Soup" or "1 Pot Dish" using a budget which is not more than $20.00 for 2 - 4 servings. If you are from overseas, you can also participate by converting to the appropriate currency value, (ie. US$15.00, RM$50.00, Rp $138,000 and etc)

~ If you do not have a blog, just send in the photos and at least one recipe from your dishes and I will publish on your behalf in my blog, credited to you. (photos can be taken in any form using digital camera or hand phone)

~ All submission entries must be published in your blog or prepared during the month of May from 01 May  - 25th May 2011.

~ Please do mention in your blog that you are sharing this post to “May $20 Budget Meal - Specific Ingredient is "Tofu/Beancurd"” and link it to this page HERE (use this link: to encourage more readers to contribute into the event.

Since this month theme is on "Tofu/Beancurd" you can use your own imaginations or recipe(s) from cookbook to come up with all kind of related recipes using any type of tofu such as Egg, Silken, Traditional, Firm or etc that you prefer.

~ E-mail your "blog link plus Photos of the dishes" or "photos with recipe" to with a subject "May $20 Budget Meal" in the following format:

Your Name:
URL of your post:
Name of your dishes + soup:
Estimate amount spent for each dish:
Attachment of your photos in your email (each photo, preferably 500kb or less).

To enlighten you with a better ideas on the Tofu dish, here are four different types of preparation methods that you can take into reference. And if you are not sure about the post requirements or how to breakdown the price-list of each dishes/soup, you can refer to one of the example post HERE.

Lastly I would like to thanks everyone who has participated in the last two [$20 Budget Meal] events., all your dishes and ideas are Awesome!!! And till date we have in total, 35 sets of "$20 Budget Meal' which are quick and easy to prepare. If you are interested you can take a look at March Round-up(Here) and April Round-up(Here).

~ Wednesday, 25 May 2011, 2359 hours  and all entries will be compiled and posted on 31st May 2011.


  1. Ilove Icook Ibake1/5/11 11:00 am

    hi Ellena,
    i think i'll join this time - the past 2 events i always thought i have to prepare 3 dishes which i never do, usually the most is 2 hehe...
    thks for this great idea - been looking on the previous 2 events and many ideas on the list to cook for my family :)

  2. Exciting! I'm trying to use this event to remind me to make chinese soups more often! So I'm going to try to do the 3 dishes again. Oh so many options with tofu...what to choose! ;)

  3. Parsley Sage1/5/11 11:24 pm

    Yay! Can't wait to see this round of budget meals :)

  4. Need to find a day when I make soup to include a tofu dish for May!

  5. Thanks for your note :) Hope to see your entry(s) this month.

  6. This will be fun! I'll see if I can come up with more tofu dishes.... :-)

  7. Not_thekitchensink4/5/11 12:33 am

    I really really hope to join at least once this month cos tofu's one of my all-time favorite dishes! I've gotta remember to take photos and take note of prices before consuming the food ;p

  8. Do come and support us :) Can't wait to see your entry(s) soon :p

  9. Nami, come and join us I am sure you will have a lot of interesting TOFO dish to share with us :)

  10. Can't wait to see what you are going to whip out with "TOFU" tooo :p


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