Wednesday 18 May 2011

More On Japanese Steamed Cakes

Thanks everyone for your kind comments given to my previous 3 entries on the Japanese Steamed Cakes post. To share the joy with you today I was so surprised to notice a mentioned about my Japanese Steamed Sweetcorn Cake(Chinese version) while flipping through my daily reads on MyPaper( pg B2).

Asian fusion of the Durian Steamed Cake(榴莲蒸糕)

After the previous 3 steamed cake posts, I have received some email enquires regarding either on their failures or success attempted on those recipes. A few of them ever mentioned that their steamed cake ttends to urns out hard and flat compared to the rise and “open/huat” cakes that are shown on my posts.

So here are a few tips that I would like to share from my view:-
1. The water for steaming the cake must be boiling before you put the cake batter in.

2. Steamed over Medium High heat for about 8 – 12 minutes depending on the size of your steamed cakes.

3. While whisking egg and sugar, try to beat till foamy and pale roughly about 5 minutes including stopping time.

4. The final cake batter should be of dripping consistency instead of gluey and sticky.

Steamed Pandan Cake with Sweet Potato Cubes (香兰番薯蒸糕)

Lastly from the photos above, you can see that there will be some other NEW recipes coming out soon such as the Steamed Durian Cake, Steamed Pandan Cake with Sweet Potato Cubes and etc flavour that you will be surprised with. So do stay around and keep a look out for these recipes soon.


  1. Hi, noticed your blog from MyPaper few weeks ago when they featured the steam milk with egg whites and purple sweet potato.

    Love your blog and look forward to try out some of your recipes. Hv added your site to my blog too. =)

  2.  woo hoo~ congrats!

  3. Congrats for being featured in mypaper. I did the steamed chocolate cake. It has smooth top, didn't split so nicely as yours. Texture is soft but not as soft as the steam cake I like from Four Leaves. It's a still a good recipe to keep! :)

  4.  thanks SSB :) Yup according to my friend this type of Japanese style steamed cake is more towards the quick and easy type which is mostly for tea-snack. I am still look for the "Four Leaves" type steamed cake recipe too :)

  5. Ellena, I want all! :P 

  6.  hi ellena, how wonderful to be featured in the papers. They all look so beautiful, i would have to go back to your previous post and read that!

  7. jasminelim19/5/11 8:59 am

    CONGRATS ELLENA! (: im sure you're very proud and happy of yourself (: anyways, those steamed cakes look so lovely and have nice slpit! GREAT JOB! and i definitely want to try it (: 

  8. Congrats on being featured on the news paper!  Whoohoo!   That's so cool!  Your family must be very proud of you!

  9. Thanks Nami, credit to you for teaching and sharing with me these wonderful Japanese Steamed Cakes :)

  10. Congrats on being featured on the news paper!  Whoohoo!   That's so cool!  Your family must be very proud of you!


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