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Thursday 24 March 2011

Tanjong Pagar Plaza Food Center

Last week since we happen to be around Tanjong Pagar area, we decided to drop-by the near food center at Tanjong Pagar Plaza to join those working crowds to hunt for their favourite stalls over there. So for this lunch treat we have managed to conquer 5 stalls over there with 3 "Long-Queue" stalls which are popular among the patrons.

Tanjong Pagar Market and Food Centre
Blk 6 Tanjong Pagar Plaza
Singapore 810006

While queuing for the food, I saw most of the tables will definitely have a plate or two of this strange looking Ice Kachang that is sprinkle with generous amount of crushed peanuts. When our share arrived, we can't wait to sink our spoon into this yummy dessert which consists of finely shaved ice, rose syrup, cream corn and crush peanuts.
Price: S$1.50 per plate

Annie Peanut Ice Kachang

While queuing for the "Ming Kee Cooked Food", #02-25 at the opposite direction, I saw a a lot of on-coming customers ordering this Fried Kway Teow that comes in either black or white version. And from the newspaper cut-outs that display at their shop front I read that they actually use freshly made "soup broth" to fry their kway teow. Their kway teow is served on a banana leaf with a generous variety of ingredients such as prawns, cockles, fish cake and Taiwan sausage. Worth trying.
Price: S$3.00 per plate

Katong (Peter) Fried Kway Teow

Since we are sitting at the table next to this "Ah Seng Laksa, Prawn Noodle" stall I decided to get a bowl of their Laksa since few of us are craving for it. As I don't prefer cockles in my Laksa, I ordered a bowl without it in exchange with some extra fishcake, beancurd puff and egg. Overall the laksa gravy is still acceptable which is not overpower by the coconut milk taste but I find that it taste some how or rather similar to those "Longtong" curry.
Price: S$2.50 per bowl

Ah Seng Laksa, Prawn Noodle

Dessert is always one of my 1st choice while sourcing for food around the hawker center. I love the traditional Tau Suan (Split green bean soup) with fried fritter or the Black Sticky Rice (Pulut Hitam) with thick coconut cream. This dessert stall sells only a few kind of dessert such as Green Bean Soup, Tau Suan, Almond Paste, Cheng Teng and etc.
Price: S$1.60 per bowl

Ren Mei Peanut Soup

Monday 13 December 2010

Comfort Food At Ease

Isn't this look great for a modern  Tingkat set? We love these bright "Yellow" Tupperware which comes in handy for all occasions. Whenever I took out this set from the kitchen pantry my boy would be jumping in joy because he knew that we are going for a "Tapau" trip again. Guess what we have bought in it and where we are heading for our lunch?

My boy loves to go picnic at the beach but sometime if beach is not accessible during gloomy weather or etc we would choose to go somewhere near our area together with some packed food. With a different eating environment at outdoors it actually helps to increase the appetite of kids as well. And moreover they would be delighted to have some outdoor activities before the meal too.

  Since my mum was around with us during last weekend, my boy suggested that we shall have lunch at one of the nearby playgroup so that he could play the swing before lunch.

With this multi-function Eco Tapau set Tupperware it actually makes our usual picnic more convenient because I could get different combination of food without afraid that the soup or dessert would leak out. The airtight cover and “Grip-n-Go” Cariolier actually helps to secure the containers firmly too.

Out of the 3 containers, I am in love with this Big Crystalwave Bowl (2 Litres) which is great for packing food soupy food. This container comes in 3 different portions such as the airtight cover with vent cap, big soup bowl and a noodle holder. In this way the noodles and ingredients placed on the noodle holder which is separate from the soup in order to retain its’ freshness and texture of the noodles. And with this container mum can enjoy her "Kuah Tiao Soup" which still taste warm and fresh even after 30 minutes of tapau time.

With this set of Tapau containers we could always enjoy fresh and warm food even during our picnic day. I am sure some of you might have seen the advertisement on these containers which could be useful in a way in long run. And if you are interested to know more about it, you can take look at their website at: ””. Or contact your nearest Tupperware outlets shown below:-

This post is sponsored by Tupperware Singapore but the opinions expressed are 100% mine. No photos or text may be reproduced without seeking prior permission.

Tuesday 9 November 2010

Li Fang Porridge @ Albert Street Food Centre

Taking about porridge/congee in Singapore there are a few choices for patrons to select such as Cantonese Style, Teochew Fish Porridge or Hainanese Lean Pork Congee. Today I would to share with you a stall at the newly renovated Albert Centre Market & Food Centre at Queen Street. Whenever I drop-by this food centre, I could always see people queuing up at this “Li Fang Porridge” stall that is near the lift area facing Fu Lu Shou Complex. This round since we want something light for lunch I decided to join in the queue to try their porridge.

From the appealing menu at the stall, I ordered these two items which are Mixed Pork Congee and Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee. Personally I preferred "Mixed Pork Congee(猪什粥)" since childhood because I love the mixture of pork intestines and liver in the congee. I still remember my granny would always share a bowl of this with me whenever she picks me up from the school. Although the porridge at “Li Fang” is smooth and fragrant but the ingredients were kind of less in quantity that makes the congee look rather empty. I think I only managed to find 2 pieces of deep-fried pork intestines and pork liver in that bowl.
Price: S$3.00 per bowl

This is the "Century Egg & Lean Meat Congee(皮蛋瘦肉粥)" with a few cubes of century eggs and slices of lean meat. The good factor about this porridge is it comes with a compliment hot and crispy fried dough fritter(油条, youtiao) which makes the congee taste even more delicious when eating them together.
Price: S$2.80 per bowl

This congee stall also have other choices such as sliced fish congee, mixed scallop congee, chicken congee, frog congee and even raw fish(生鱼片) to go with the congee. For your information there is another "Li Fang Porridge (丽芳粥品) " located in ABC Brickworks Market & Food Centre too. Just wonder are these two stalls under the same boss or related business. Do share with us if you know any place that sell delicious congee that is worth trying.

丽芳粥品 Li Fang Porridge
270 Queen Street
Albert Centre Market & Food Centre
Singapore 180270

Saturday 6 November 2010

Tian Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle

I seldom eat Minced Pork Noodles because my favourite noodle is Wanton Mee compared to either fishball or minced pork noodles. So when Misstamchiak(Maureen) invites me to go along with her for the search of local delight for her weekly food column I was very excited about it.

According to Maureen, there are roughly about 10 soup version of Minced Pork Noodles stalls around Bedok area. And I believe most of you would have heard or tried either one or two of the famous stalls located at Bedok North, Block 85 food centre. (for more information, you can refer to "Miss Tam Chiak's" website HERE)

But our food sourcing was not about that two well-known stalls at Block 85, instead we have a new location at Block 511, Bedok North Street 3 cooked food centers, "Tim Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle".

This stall is now managed by the 3rd and 4th generation of the Chen’s family whom great-grandparent was origin from Fujian, China. According to the Chen’s there is no special recipe for this noodle, all they use are “genuine and fresh” ingredients to prepared a bowl of authentic and delicious noodles for their customers.

For those who have tried their noodle before, you would agreed that the soup broth is indeed very tasty and it goes well with their spongy noodles, homemade dumplings and other ingredients such as minced meat and meatballs. Here the minced meat is not those lumpy type but rather scattered loosely in the soup broth.

If you know of any tasty minced pork noodles stall that you used to frequent, do drop me a note/comment to share with us why you love that stall so that more people could get a chance to try it out too.

Tian Nan Xing Minced Pork Noodle
Block 511 Bedok North Street 3
Kaki Bukit 511 Market and Food Centre
Singapore 460511

Opening Hours:
7.00am to 1.30pm; 5.30pm to 1.30am
(Closed on every 1st & 15th day of the Lunar Calender)

Tuesday 17 August 2010

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee

Those working or staying around Redhill Lane Hawker Center, I am sure you have either tried or saw this "Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee" stall which selling prawn mee, pork tail soup and char kway tiao. This stall also has another outlet in Henderson Road known as "Tasty Prawn Mee". Thanks to Misstamchiak for asking me to join her with on this Prawn Mee adventure at Redhill, you can read on her review at this link HERE.

Khoon Kee has both soup and dried version of this yummy Prawn Mee. And take a look at this bowl of Soup version Prawn Noodles, usually some stalls will half the prawns and served it with the shell stick on. But here, the stall owner insists to use whole prawn to retain it's flavour and crunchiness, he is also very thoughtful to remove the back shell off for the convenient of customer to save the trouble of removing the shell.

I guess the key point of to a bowl of delicious soup prawn mee lies on it's broth. A bowl of tasty prawn broth must be full of flavour and sweet which goes well with the noodles and other side ingredients. I must comment that their prawn broth is really very delicious which according to the stall owner he used around a few kilograms of prawn head shells to simmer the broth together with pork ribs, peppercorns and etc for at least 3 hours or more. No wonder this makes their broth taste even better than some other famous Prawn Mee stalls around.

A bowl of S$3.00 Dried Prawn Mee comes with two big sea prawns and a piece of pork rib whereas if you are looking for something more, then go for the S$4.00 bowl where you can more noodles, 3 “Fat & Juicy” crunchy sea prawns with a piece of soft and tender pork rib to fill your huge appetite. And a good dried Prawn Mee all depends on it's chilli and sauce combination. According to Misstamchiak, their dried chilli is good with that extra spicy flavour to enhance the overall taste.

To our surprised the stall owner used to be a Japanese Chef in local restaurants as well as countries like Australia, New York, Italy and etc. And he strongly believed that a bowl of delicious food starts from it presentation whereby most customers will go for the presentation of the food before decided whether to queue for the food.

Khoon Kee Tasty Prawn Mee
Blk 85, #01-58
Redhill Lane Hawker Centre
Singapore 150085
Telephone: 9769 3991

Operating Hours:
Weekdays: 10.00am – 9.00pm
Weekends/Public Holidays: 8.30am – 8.00pm
Rest Day: Tuesday

Thursday 20 May 2010

Youtiao & Fried Butterfly

What is your favourite local snack whenever you walk past the hawker centers or coffee shops? For me, sometime I love to get hold of either one of these "Youtiao - 油条" or "Butterfly Bun - 麻煎/花煎" together with a cup of Black Coffee(Kopi O) to start off my day before attending those piles or work.......

Youtiao - 油条 is a deep-fried dough stick which has a crispy crust on the outer surface, tender and fluffy when bite. Usually this is eaten during breakfast together with congee or soy milk but some of the people like me would love to dip it with Coffee before eating. There are also many other ways of eating this snack, for example:- Youtiao Rojak(a kind of salad dish that is commonly found in Malaysia and Singapore) or Deep-Fried Sotong Youtiao and etc.

Butterfly Bun - 麻煎/花煎 has a similar texture like Youtiao but it is smaller in size and it is coated with some sesame seeds to give it that extra fragrance and taste. This butterfly bun has a slighter sweeter taste compare to Youtiao and I love to eat this while it is still hot which will give it a better taste. Posted by Picasa

P/s: Anyone can recommend/share your view on a good stall selling these in Singapore?

Sunday 11 October 2009

ABC Brickworks Food Centre

ABC Brickworks Food Centre is located in Bukit Merah District. According to some google search that I have made, this placed used to be the site of a brewery in the 1930s. And the ABC food center got its' name from the Archipelago Brewery Company which was set up in Alexandra road in 1931.

I got to know this place from the food review introduction by "U-weekly - 优1周" magazine on their 196 issues in September 2009 on Penang Laksa - 槟城辣沙. I remember there used to be a Penang Laksa stall near our area many years back and I still can re-called the taste of it's sweet and spicy soup.

Today, based on the information given in the magazine, we managed to find Jason Penang Cuisine which is located at #01-113 in the ABC food center. The signboard and colour of the stall was kind of attractive in "Bright Yellow" colour as it easily caught our attention. After finding a good place to settle down, I went forward to take a look at their menu on what are their speciality.

Although from the photo, you might not find the dish as appetising as it look, but when you give it a try, you might like it according to your preference. To me, the soup is still not to the standard that I expected it to be. But overall, you still can give it try for the small size portion. Other than their famous Penang Laksa, I also saw some good reviews on their Penang Cha Kuey Tiao. Maybe we might give it a try next round when we visit this market again.....

Walking around the food center, we spot this Western cuisine stall known as "WOW WOW WEST" where they have this HUGE Cheese Sausage that caught our attention. The atmposher of the stall makes me feel like I am having western food in a foreign country...... Look at the texture of the cross section of the cross section of the sausage, isn't it look great!

Wow Wow West
Unit number: #01-133

Other than their signature Pork Cheese Sausage, they also have a good range of Western set dishes like, Chicken Chop, Chicken Cutlet, Pork chops, Steaks, Fish N Chips and etc. We saw that most of the table around the stall are having Chicken Chop, so without hesitate we also order a plate of it which is served with huge portion of chicken cutlets, crinkle-cut fries, beans and salad. The chicken cutlet is well cooked and it is drenched in a tasty black pepper sauce that left you to crave for more.

For those who stays or work around this area, I am sure you have tried most of their dishes and agreed that the portion is really huge to be handle by one person :)

Sunday 4 October 2009

Old Airport Road Food Centre

Old Airport Road, Block 51 Market & Food Centre is located somewhere near Geylang. In this food centre you can always see people queuing at most of the popular stalls like Cha Kuey Teow, Prawn Noodles, Wanton Mee and etc. Today, we happen to drop by that area due to the Church service at the in-door stadium.

There are really too many choices of food to choose from, I was so excited about those food that I can't decide which food that I want to try out on. While walking around the food center, I saw quite a number of people carrying/buying/eating Otah. After searching around, I found this stall known as "Tan Beng Oath Delight", they have different size of Oath available for your selection and on top of that, they also sell Nasi Lemak. So without hesitate, I grab a pack of Egg and Fish Nasi Lemak together with their famous Otah. The Oath taste great and you can either eat it together with the rice or just plain on itself. The lady boss is very friendly and nice, she even gave me a name card and say that we can call to order in bulk for party or BBQ. If you are interested, you can give them a call at: 9436 0738 or 9694 5755.

I recommend this "Xin Mei Congee", a must try at this Food Center, the congee although cost slightly higher in price, but the texture was great. It's so fragrance and smooth when you eat it hot. This stall offer a good range of congee from fish, chicken, meat and etc. And something special about this stall is, they actually made their own deep-fry fritter(you tiao - 油条) which is so crispy and goes well with the congee. My boy who is a picky eater, finished almost half of the congee and the you tiao which he comments is nice and tasty.

Facing the main road entrance of the Carpark, there are two Prawn Noodle stalls together in the same row just a few stalls away from each other. The one that we decided to try is this "Albert Street Prawn Noodle" while the other down the corner is the "Whitley Road Big Prawn Noodle". We waited for about 15 minutes or so before the noodle was served to our table. The outlook of the noodle seems great, with about 2.5 medium size big prawn that is being cut into half. And from the photo, you still can see there are some egg roe in the prawn and it also comes with some extra chilli powder which you might prefer to add into the soup. Overall, the soup base is sweet, fragrance and worth trying. Perhaps next round, we shall order a bowl from "Whitely Road" stall and see what is the different between the two stalls. But if you have tried both the noodle from both the stall before, maybe you might be able to share with me your view.........

Saturday 3 October 2009

Tuck Kee Ipoh Sah Hor Fun Crayfish Hor Fun

Located on the 2nd floor of Hong Lim Food Centre, behind Chinatown Point. There is a Ipoh Hor Fun stall at the end of a left hand corner known as Tuck Kee (Ipoh) Sah Ho Fun (#02-41A). The stall offers a range of combination ingredients from cooked shredded chicken, prawn to crayfish and abalone to go with the Ipoh Hor Fun and it is always packed with lunch crowds during weekday lunch hours.