Sunday 12 March 2006

Pad Thai Noodles

I always wanted to replicate this noodle dish at home as I miss eating the version I had during our stay in Brisbane. As you know this is one of the well-known dish  in Thailand known as Pad Thai. It has a subtle substance of flavours with pickled turnip, crushed peanuts, fresh chives and a dash of lime. You can hardly find a good one in Singapore because they are not as popular as Thai curry and rice dishes.

Last week during our grocery shopping I manage to grab a packet of the Home Asian Gourmet “Thai, Pad Thai Noodles Sauce”. So today I am going to whip up my own version of “Pad Thai Noodles” after getting some thin Thai style rice noodles.

1 Packet Thai Pad Thai Noodles Spice Paste
3 Tablespoons vegetable oil
250g Prawns, removed shell and devined
1 Egg
200g Fresh Thin Rice Noodles
100g (½ cup) Fresh Bean Sprouts
1 Piece Of Firm Beancurd, cut into small cubes
3 Tablespoons Crushed Peanuts
1 Lime Wedges, cut into slices as garnish
2-3 Stalks Of Chives/Spring Onions, cut into section as garnish

1. Heat 1 tablespoon of oil in non-stick wok or pan on medium heat, add in beancurd and fry until golden brown, remove and set aside.
2. Add reminding oil and increase to high heat then saute prawns  for 1 minute.
3. Crack in egg and give it a few stirs then add in noodles and Spice Paste.
4. Stir-fry mixture for 3 minutes or until fairly dry.(you can add some hot water or stock  if you think is too dry)
5. Lastly toss in beancurd and chives then sprinkle with some crushed peanuts and mixed well. Remove to serving plate. 
6. Clean and preheat frying pan with oil then stir-fry bean sprouts on high heat with drizzle of cooking wine. Remove and serve it along the side with the noodles. 
7. Garnish the noodles with the remaining peanuts, lime wedges, some dried shallot and serve hot.

- If you can't get hold of fresh thin rice noodles, you can replaced it with those packet dried rice noodles and cooked according to the packet instructions.


  1. Hi Lena,

    Can you tell me where to get Thai products? Also, do you have a recipe for Green Curry Chicken? I've tasted it recently in a Thai restaurant and I liked it very much.

  2. HI Rena..

    So are you from Singapore too....I usually get those ready pre-mix from local supermarket like NTUC or Cold Storage. If u don't mind, you can try the Thair Green Curry from Home Asian Gourmet products. They had a wide range of thai spices, like: Red Curry, Green Curry, Pineapple Rice, Pad Thai...etc... But if u want home made green curry, i do have the easy version recipe.. maybe u can give me your email so that i can email u....


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