Wednesday, 15 March 2006

Mango Pudding

Saw this Mango Puddings recipe from m4m website forum and it was strongly recommend by most of the people who had tried it. Since now is mango season, and you can easily get hold of very fresh and nice mango. I decided to give it a try. I followed most of the ingredients given by Hugbear(the recipe owner) except replacing some of the ice-cream to mango juice and milk because I realised that don’t have the required amount of ice-cream at home.

The texture of the pudding is very smooth and the sweetness is just nice. It’s a very easy to prepare dessert and it can be compare to those serving in the restaurants or buffets.

300ml Mango Puree(blended with about 1 mango cubes)
250g Mango Cubes(1 mango)
200ml Whipping Cream
40g Glelatine
200g Sugar
400ml Water
300ml Mango Juice
250ml Fresh Milk
150g Vanilla Flavour Ice-cream
10 150ml plastic container

1. Wash and cubes the mango and set aside for the puree and pudding.
2. Mix water, sugar and gelatine in a pan, keep stirring and boil over low heat until sugar and gelatine dissloved.
3. Leave the mixture to cool then add in the mango puree, mango cubes, whipped cream, mango juice, milk and ice-cream.
4. Stir mixture until all ice-cream is melted.
5. Pour it into 10 plastic container and leaves it in the fridge to set.
6. You can decorate it with some cut cherries or strawberries and serve with some extra evaporated milk or whipped cream if desired.

Notes: You can replace the mango juice and fresh milk with 600ml water and 500g vanilla Ice-cream.

The taste of the pudding will be much light becuase i reduce the ice-cream to 150g and replace it by mango juice and milk. Posted by Picasa


  1. Need to clarify -
    1. Mango Juice - 300??? ml or gram?
    2.U mentioned that can replace mango juice and fresh milk with 600ml water and 500g vanilla ice-cream - do u mean that instead of using mango juice + 250ml Fresh milk, use/replace by either 600ml water or 500g vanilla ice cream. U dun mean 600ml water + 500g vanilla ice cream - that's too much right???

  2. Hi there...

    The Mango Juice is 300ml

    And if you replace the 300ml mango juice+250ml Fresh milk with (600ml water)you do need to top up the the vanilla ice-cream to 500g. Cos i used 400ml(water)+300ml(Mango Juice)+250ml(Milk)=950ml liquid. So if u only used 600ml water you will be short of 950ml-600ml=350ml more liquid... which that's y u need 500g ice-cream.(350g + 150g). HTH


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