Friday 31 March 2006

Green Bean With Durian Dessert

When I first saw this dessert from Zur's Kitchen I almost drool while looking at the screen. In my mind I kept thinking of the combination of green bean with durian as it is quite difficult to describe the taste with words unless you try it yourself. Furthermore this dessert is sweeten by gula melaka (a kind of coconut sugar) which gives it a distinctive taste which leaves you craving for more.

Indeed you only need a few ingredients for this dessert but to enhance the taste it will be good if you can get hold of good quality durian such as D24 grade. You can find the original recipe at Zur's Blog and there is also another related durian recipe by Edith, it's call the Durian Pengat. The recipe I share over here is base on our preference so do feel free to adjust the sweetness or amount of durian to your liking.

200g Green Bean, soak for at least 2 hrs
200ml Coconut Milk + 300ml Water
80g Gula Malaka
40g Sugar
1 Teaspoon Salt
Some Pandan Leaves
100ml Fresh Milk
1 Box Of Durian Flesh

1. Boil the soaked green bean with knot of pandan leaves till soften with water that is 1" above the beans.
2. When the bean is soften is should have at least the same water as the beans.
3. Add coconut milk mixture, sugar, gula melaka, salt and durian pulp and let it simmer over medium heat till bubbles appear.
4. Once it comes to boil, add milk and simmer the mixture till slightly thicken.
5. You can either serve it warm or cold. And if the mixture gets too thick, just dilute it with some extra milk or water.

- The box of durian that I bought consists of 8-9 Seeds.

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