Sunday 26 March 2006

Stir-fry Pork Liver With Rice Wine

Today is a lazy Sunday morning while my son slept an hour and the half more than his usual wake up time. So while he is still in dreamland, I continue peeling the outer skin of the dried walnuts which I am going to use it for cooking his porridge. Our lunch menu for today will be "Vegetable Pork with Minced Pork and Walnut" serve together with Stir-fry Pork Liver With Rice Wine.

I love to eat pork liver, especially those stir-fry with ginger and sesame oil. Sometime I will also use it to cook mian xian (rice vermicelli) which is a nourishing dish for especially for woman who is doing confinement or after menstruation. This stir-fry dish is very easy to prepare but you have to cook fast in order not to overcook the pork liver and make it end up tough. 

$2 - $3 Of Pork Liver
2 Stalks Of Spring Onion
½ Brown Onion
3 Slices Of Ginger, shredded
Some Red Dates and Woflberries

½ Cup Rice Wine
2 Tablespoons Of Sesame Oil
1 Tablespoon Dark Soy Sauce
Salt To Taste
1½ Tablespoons Cornstarch Water

1. Rub pork liver with 1 to 2 Tablespoons of cornflour before washing it.
2. Sliced pork liver thinly and set aside for later use.
3. Cut the spring Onion into 3 sections, then cut the brown onion into slices.
4. Soaked red dates in warm water for about 5 minutes then set aside.
5. Preheat frying pan or a claypot, add in sesame oil and saute ginger and brown onion until fragran.
6. Add in red dates and wolfberries, ontinue to stir-fry for a few seconds then add in pork liver and some spring onion.
7. Do a quick stir then add in dark soy sauce and rice wine.
8. When the sauce starts to boil, stir in some cornstarch solution to thicken the sauce.
9. Switch off the heat and add in salt and extra spring onion. Serve immediately.

- If you do not have rice wine, you can replace it with hot water.
- You can also used the same methods by replacing pork liver with 1/2 portion chicken to make Stir-fry Chicken With Rice Wine.


  1. Oh gosh! Ellena. You got me craving for pork liver. so yummy!

  2. Hi Audrey thanks for dropping by :)

  3. Hi Ellena,

    What brand of rice wine do you use? I'm thinking of making this dish soon and would appreciate your help in getting the right ingredients beforehand. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Hi Siewleng,

      I use homemade glutinous rice wine but you can replace with 1/2 cup rice wine with 2 tablespoons cooking wine or alternative get glutinous rice wine (available in certain supermarkets such as NTUC or Sheng Xiong) or any herbal cooking wine as replacement.



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