Asian Tea Time


~ Baked Egg Cake - 烤鸡蛋糕 
~ Baked Durian Cake
~ Durian Butter Cake
~ Japanese Cotton Cheesecake
~ Longan And Cranberry Yogurt Cake
~ Matcha Auzuki Bean Pound Cake
~ Matcha Madeleines with Azuki Bean
~ Okra Black Butter Cake (using soy milk residue) 
~ Pandan Butter Cake
~ Pandan Kaya Cake
~ Pear Tarts
~ Purple Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake
~ Quick and Easy Egg Tarts
~ Soymilk Egg Tarts
~ Taiyaki (たい焼き) 


~ Banana and Passion Fruit Chiffon Cake
~ Beetroot Chiffon Cake
~ Black Glutinous Rice Chiffon Cake
~ Black Sesame Chiffon Cake
~ Blue Pea Flower Chiffon Cake (May 2016 - New!)
~ Caramelised Banana Chiffon Cake 
~ Chocolate Chiffon Cake with Multigrain and Mixed Fruits
~ Chocolate Espresso Chiffon Cake with Kahlua
~ Chocolate and Mint Chiffon Cake
~ Dual Coffee Chiffon Cake
~ Durian Chiffon Cake
~ Durian Chocolate Chiffon Cake
~ Grand Marnier Fig Chiffon Cake
~ Gula Melaka Chiffon Cake
~ Ham and Cheese Chiffon Cake
~ Japanese Dark Pearl Chiffon Cake
~ Kiwifruit Chiffon Cake
~ Lemon, Cream Cheese and Dried Berries
~ Lemon Poppy Seeds Chiffon Cake
~ Matcha Azuki Bean Chiffon Cake
~ Matcha and Black Sesame Chiffon Cake
~ Matcha and Chestnut Chiffon Cake
~ Orange Chocolate Chiffon
~ Orange Chiffon Cake
~ Pandan Chiffon Cake (using pandan paste)  
~ Pandan Chiffon Cake (using pure pandan juice)
~ Pandan Chiffon Cake (HCP Method)
~ Peanut Butter and Nutella Chiffon Cake
~ Rice Powder Chocolate Chiffon Cake (May 2016 - New!)
~ Rose Tea Chiffon Cake
~ Sakura Matcha Chiffon Cake (May 2016 - New!)
~ Sweet Potato and Sesame Chiffon Cake
~ Wholemeal Banana Chiffon Cake
~ Wholemeal Pandan Chiffon Cake
~ Wholemeal Pumpkin And Chia Seeds Chiffon Cake
~ Zebra Pandan Chiffon Cake


~ 2008 Chinese New Year Goodies
~ Almond Cookies - 杏仁饼
~ Assorted Butter Cookies
~ Bunny Pineapple Tarts
~ Cheesy Pineapple Roll
~ Chocolate Cornflake Cups
~ Honey Cornflake Cookies
~ Honey Cornflake Cups - with video clip
~ Kueh Bangkit
~ Mixed Fruits Butter Cookies
~ Matcha Pistachio Nuts Butter Cookies
~ Melt In Your Mouth Pineapple Tarts
~ Melt in Mouth Pineapple Balls - with video clip
~ Peanut Cookies - 花生酥
~ Pooh Pineapple Tarts
* Air-fried Arrowhead
* Air-fried Crab Sticks


~ Bamboo Charcoal Baked Mooncake
~ Chocolate and Cream Cheese Jelly Mooncake
~ Gula Melaka And Sweetcorn Jelly Mooncake
~ Lychee And Rose Tea Jelly Mooncake
~ Matcha And Red Bean Snow Skin Mooncake
~ Mini Snowskin Mooncakes
~ Osmanthus And White Lotus Paste Snow Skin Mooncake
~ Traditional Baked Mooncake


~ Assorted Sweet Potato Huat Kueh
~ Durian Pancake
~ Gula Melaka Steamed Cake with Sweet Potato
~ Homemade Muah Chee
~ Homemade Crystal Yam Cake - 水晶芋头糕
~ Japanese Steamed Double Chocolate Cake
~ Japanese Steamed Matcha Cake
~ Japanese Steamed Sweetcorn Bun(Mushipan) 
~ Kueh Tutu aka 嘟嘟糕
~ Kueh Salat
~ Nyonya Rice Dumpling
~ Ondeh Ondeh
~ Ondeh Ondeh With Shredded Coconut Fillings
~ Okara Mantou (豆渣馒头)
~ Osmanthus and Water Chestnut Kueh
~ Pulot Hitam Kaya Kueh
~ Pak Tong Koh
~ Pandan Flavour Muah Chee
~ Pumpkin Red Bean Balls
~ Pumpkin Ondeh Ondeh
~ Purple Sweet Potato Mantou - 紫番薯馒头
~ Steamed Cherry Blossom Mantou 
~ Steamed Coffee Cake
~ Steamed Coffee Sponge Cake
~ Steamed Durian Cake
~ Steamed Durian Tapioca Kueh
~ Steamed Egg Cake (Ji Dao Gao)
~ Steamed Egg Cake (Pandan Flavour)  
~ Steamed Egg White Rainbow Cake
~ Steamed Mini Pandan Kueh
~ Steamed Pandan Cake With Sweet Potatoes
~ Steamed Pumpkin Mantou - 金瓜馒头
~ Steamed Wholemeal Pumpkin Mantou
~ Steamed Tapioca Cake
~ Steamed Tapioca Kueh
~ Steamed Yam Cake
~ Sweet And Savory Nian Gao - 双味年糕
~ Sweet Potato Mantou



  1. Do you know how to make those coconut buns we see in bakeries? Allison

    1. Hi Allison,

      Oooooo So sorry I am not good in baking bread so I am not sure. Perhaps you can Google and check out the recipe on line?


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