Thursday 20 May 2010

2010 Taiwan Trip - Day 8

Finally this is the last post on our Taiwan Trip where I get to share with you those places of interests and local food that we had during the entire trip. I hope that by this post, you will have some ideas on what to expect and look for if you are planning for a trip over there. Overall this is a fruitful trip for us even though we are kind of disappointed that we didn't managed to stop by "Alishan - 阿里山" due to the road maintenance.

After our morning breakfast, everyone of us starts to divided into groups and go for our last minute shopping before leaving for the airport to Singapore. Since we have only about 4 hours or so before gathering at the Hotel Lobby to process to the airport, we decided to shop around Ximending - 西门町 which is about 10 minutes walk from our hotel.

During the walk, we happened to bypass a grocery shop where they sell a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Some of our tour mates bought some of their local vegetables such as "White Bitter Gourd - 白玉苦瓜", "Loquat - 琵琶", "Honey Star fruits - 蜜汁杨桃" and etc which we can't get them from Singapore.

Most of the shops in Ximending opens around 11am due to the late operating hours at night. At daytime, the view of Ximending is much clearer without those large crowds of people walking around. So it is easier for us to spot some of the famous food stalls where we can fill our tummy before leaving Taiwan,

This "Lao Tian Lu - 老天祿滷味" is shop that is specialised in selling all kind of Braised - 卤 food such as Duck Wings, Duck Gizzard, Duck Tongue and etc from the head to the feet. Since our family is not a fan of all these we didn't get any to try out, but according to some tour mates who bought and try most of them give positive comments on their products.

Around the corner which is near one of the junction in Ximending, there is one famous stall selling Braised Goose Meat and Noodles which is known as "Ya Rou Bian - 鸭肉扁". According to the story, the boss of the shop was known as "Ah Bian - 阿扁" and since he was selling "Duck Meat Noodles - 鸭肉面" at road side stall most of his customer known him as "鸭肉扁" which comes about his name.

We ordered a bowl each of the Bee Hoon and Noodle Soup to go with the Goose meat. Although the braised meat is fragrance and nice but we find that the meat was rather a bit tough to our liking. On the other hand, the soup noodles was great with it tasty soup base and ingredients.

Most of the people will suggest to you that when you visit Taiwan, you have to try their famous "Ay Chung Rice Noodle - 阿宗面线" which is actually Mian Xian - 面线 with Big Intestines - 大肠. This place is always crowded with customers whereby you have to stand and eat or sit on stools without tables. The original Ay Chung Mian Xian comes without any sauce and you can add in yourself such as:- chilli, vinegar, garlic and etc. Their noodles taste so different from what we have over here in Singapore and it's a great comfort food during cold weather too.

Soon it's time to say goodbye to Taiwan while we are at the waiting area to board the plane back home to Singapore. I am sure everyone of us enjoy our stay during these few days and surprising Rey cope pretty well with the weather, food and the long travelling journey and etc. And while waiting for the plane, he don't seems to be willing to back home as he still enjoying his trip in Taiwan and wish to stay longer.

Since this is an late afternoon flight, we were be having our dinner on Board and the return meal is just as good as what we have during our flight to Taiwan. As you can see, the kid's meal includes chicken baked pasta, chocolate, biscuit, fruit salad, juice and etc. While for the adults, we are having either beef stew with mashed potato or braised chicken with rice. For dessert, each of us is given a tub of Hagen Dazz Strawberry Ice-cream. Posted by Picasa

p/s: Thanks for your patience while waiting for me to update these Taiwan posts for the past 1 month. Hope you have enjoy reading them :)

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