Monday 24 May 2010

2010 Singapore Blog Awards - Best Food Blog

Dear Readers,

I am so excited to share with you that this is the 2nd year my blog "Cuisine Paradise" has been shortlisted (out of more than 1000 other blogs) to be one of the 10 Finalists for the category under Singapore Blog Awards - Best Food Blog. Voting is open to public from 24 May 2010 till 30 June 2010. You can vote only ONCE for each category per day.

Just like previous year, if you like my blogs and recipes please help to cast your valuable votes for me, ok :) But proceeding, , you need to register an account as a member with the blog award organiser ( if you are not a member yet. So if it is not troublesome for you to help, please follow the steps below for your voting:-

Steps for voting my blog:-

1. Register as a member of OMY if you are not a member. You can find the online registration form here (click here to register). For overseas voter you can use your passport number for the "Nric/Fin" option.

2. Upon successful registration as a memeber, login onto the Singapore Blog Awards Category link @ where you will be directed to the Voting Page .

3. On the left side of the screen, you will see something similar to the photo shown belown, click on the Best Food Blog(最佳饮食部落格) category to display all the 10 finalists so as to cast your votes.

4. You will see a PINK label "VOTE" on the bottom right corner of my avatar . To cast your votes, you need to click on the word "VOTE" instead of the picture which will be re-direct you back onto my foodblog URL.

5. You will see this yellow confirmation box for you to verified your voting. Click on the word "Confirm" and upon successful voting, you will see a Yellow label showing "VOTED" on my avatar.

6. Other than supporting my blog with your votes, you can also participate in voting for other categories to stand a chance to win these fabulous prizes too (click HERE to view the prizes) . Good Luck Everyone!

And lastly, remember to help me cast your vote whenever you are free to login into the "Voting Page". Thank you everyone for your all support! Because of each of your valuable votes and time, Cuisine Paradise is able to be listed in the top 10 finalists or even stand a chance for this year winning award too :)


  1. Congratulation Ellena!! love your wonderful blog as usual and will sure vote for you..^^
    Looking forward to Cuisine Paradise to be the winner again..:P

  2. You definitely have my vote Ellena! Congratz and I hope you'll win!

  3. Hi Rachel, Thanks for so much for your support and voting :) Thnaks.

    Yo Quinn, thanks for your voting toooooo.... :p I am so happy and glad to have friends & supporters like you touch :)

  4. wow, well done once again!

  5. Done dear, I'm so proud of your work! All the best for the voting this year! ;) Meanwhile, keep up the good job. =D


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